Monthly Archives: May 2015

Going Public

I led this crew down Western Avenue this past Saturday. It was the first tour that I “opened to the public”. I still feel unprepared to do this for realzies but you gotta jump into the deep end of the pool some time. I didn’t do all that much to advertise the tour but I did post about it on Facebook and… Read more →

#ktownismytown 05/23/15

The first Ktown Is My Town tour to be open to the public! I got to meet some Instagram and Facebook friends in real life for the first time. More on the tour here. Check out more of these Instagrammers’ feeds by clicking on their images. Private or Facebook accounts are not linked. Read more →

#ktownismytown 05/02/15

This was my final Urban Plunge tour for the Biola students. I wanted to end strong — which I think I did — but I was fighting a cold all morning. After the tour, I was stuck in bed with a cold for a few days. Boohoo. Now that I’ve led the tour through jitters, poor weather and sickness, I… Read more →