K-Town Is My Town: 24 Hour Project Edition

Hey, what are you doing this Saturday? Wanna do something wacky? Why not hang out with me in Koreatown for 24 hours? No? Come on … This year will be my fourth year participating in a world-wide street photography event called the 24 Hour Project. Participants from around the world take photos of their city, posting an image every hour… Read more →

Welcome to Venice Land!

I’m taking a long, long hiatus from official Ktown Is My Town duties, I know. But under all the no-action, my brain has been thinking about Ktown Is My Town 2.0 and the idea of neighborhood-driven narratives in general. A few weekends ago, I had the pleasure of taking Mojo Maps Expedition Co.‘s interactive walking tour of Venice Beach. Two… Read more →

Next Tour: June 27

It’s hard to get into the summertime mindset when the weather has been muggy and gloomy! Transplants to our fairy city scoff at all the weather talk but if you’ve lived here practically all your life like I have, the uncharacteristic weather is something to go on and on (and on) about. Well, who knows if Saturday, June 27, will… Read more →

Ktown Is My Town on ‘The People Series’

My good friend and power house Georgii Speakman is the visionary behind The People Series, a podcast that highlights “influential people across art, music and television, the tech start-up community, and game-changers.” That is a tall order but, even as the series is in its beginning stages, Georgii delivers. I had the honor of being interviewed about Ktown Is My… Read more →

Going Public

I led this crew down Western Avenue this past Saturday. It was the first tour that I “opened to the public”. I still feel unprepared to do this for realzies but you gotta jump into the deep end of the pool some time. I didn’t do all that much to advertise the tour but I did post about it on Facebook and… Read more →

Three-Hour Tour: Birthday Edition

In lieu of celebrating my birthday with the usual fanfare — something along the lines of a day at the spa, a fancy dinner and/or blowing out candles on top of a cake — I spent this past Saturday walking and shouting for six hours and then bussing tables, sort of. I should explain. Three weeks ago, I led my… Read more →

Virgin Voyage down Western Avenue

It was a toasty 84 degrees this past Saturday for my first ever Koreatown tour and the first of four Urban Plunge 2015 tours. I think it went pretty well considering it was the first time, though I grossly miscalculated how long the tour would take and wrapped things up a whole hour earlier than expected. The Biola students were… Read more →

It’s Almost Time

Although I have yet to start working on the actual KTown Is My Town tour, I’ve put together a three-hour tour (sing it with me, everybody) for the students of the Biola Torrey Honor Institute to give them an insider’s look at Koreatown. The tour will be given on four separate Saturdays between March 28 and May 2. Yes, March… Read more →


Before there was, before there was the initial birth pains of a Koreatown tour, there was the Instagram hashtag. I created #ktownismytown on August 27, 2013, using it to tag interesting scenes and locations around Koreatown. This is where the name of the website and the tour comes from. I welcome other Instagrammers who visit this eclectic Los Angeles neighborhood to do the… Read more →