The IG photo that started it all

The IG photo that started it all

Before there was ktownismytown.com, before there was the initial birth pains of a Koreatown tour, there was the Instagram hashtag. I created #ktownismytown on August 27, 2013, using it to tag interesting scenes and locations around Koreatown. This is where the name of the website and the tour comes from. I welcome other Instagrammers who visit this eclectic Los Angeles neighborhood to do the same. There is plenty to observe and explore here at any given moment. I plan to post my favorite #ktownismytown picks here. My general Instagram meanderings can be found at theotherhelenkim. Swing by and say hello if you’d like.


Five years after the release of Gangnam Style, the South Korean rapper PSY still continues to be a marketing phenom in Koreatown. 

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