It’s Almost Time

No one is going to accuse me of a lack of enthusiasm

No one is going to accuse me of lacking enthusiasm

Although I have yet to start working on the actual KTown Is My Town tour, I’ve put together a three-hour tour (sing it with me, everybody) for the students of the Biola Torrey Honor Institute to give them an insider’s look at Koreatown. The tour will be given on four separate Saturdays between March 28 and May 2. Yes, March 28, as in tomorrow!

The emphasis of the Urban Plunge tour is on Koreatown itself and less on my personal story but I think this experience will be invaluable in putting together the more intimate tour I have in mind later on. I have a few details to take care of before tomorrow but it’s feeling pretty official at this point. I may have gone a little overboard but no one is going to accuse me of lacking enthusiasm!

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